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. has added new coupons! New coupons include offers from Kellogg's, Nestle, Wonka, Dr. Scholls, and more!

Each week I will continue to let you know what's new and available so you can save more! Remember the coupons do have a print limit so don't miss out on what is available right now!

The coupons listed are available in all regions of the country. The coupons available to you will be determined by the zip code you enter and the offers you have already printed.

Afrin Nasal Spray, $1.00/1
Aleve-D save $1.00/1
Benefiber, $2.00/1
Betty Crocker Cookie Mix, $0.40/1
Betty Crocker Potatoes, $0.40/1
Betty Crocker Frosting, $0.50/1
Betty Crocker Warm Delights, $0.50/1
Big G Cereals, $1.00/2
Big G Cereals, Chex, $1.00/2
Big G Cereals, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, $0.55/1
Big G Cereals, Cocoa Puffs, $0.75/1
Bisquick, $0.60/1
Blue Dog Bakery, $0.50/1
Brigford, $0.55/1
Buddig Meats, $1.00/1
Budding Meats Fix Quix, $1.00/1
Burts Bees Acne Solutions, $2.00/1
California Pizza Kitchen, $1.00/1
California Pizza Kitchen, $1.00/2
Caribou Coffee, $2.00/1
*NEW* Challenge Dairy, $0.55/1
Chex Mix, $0.50/1
Citracal, $1.00/1
Clorox 2, $1.50/1
Conair 2-in-1 Custom Styler Chopper, $5.00/1
Cosamin ASU, $4.00/1
Cosequin, $1.50/1
Crunchmaster, $0.75/1
*NEW* Depend, $2.00/1
*NEW* Depend for Men, $2.00/1
*NEW* Dermaquin, $1.50/1
Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt, $0.30/1
Diamond Crystal Sea Salt, $0.50/1
DiGirono, Flatbread Melt, $1.00/1
Disney Childrens Vitamin Product, $1.00/1
*NEW* Dr. Scholl's, $2.00/1
*NEW* Enfagrow Premium, $5.00/1
Ester C, $2.00/1
Fiber One Muffin Mix, $0.50/1
Flex-a-min, $4.00/1
Garnier Nutritioniste, $2.00/1
Green Giant Frozen Bagged Vegetables, $0.50/1
Green Giant Frozen Boxed Vegetables, $0.50/2
Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers, $0.50/1
Good Nights Sleep Pants, $2.00/1
Good Nights Sleep Pants, $1.00/1
*NEW* Hormel Refrigerated Entree, $1.50/1
Imagine Foods, $1.00/1
Jergens, $1.00/1
Keebler Sandwich Crackers, $0.55/1
Keebler Flipsides, $1.00/1
*NEW* Kellogg's Cereals, $0.75/1
*NEW* Kellogg's Cereals, $1.00/3
Kellogg's Cereal save $1.50 on Coffee wyb 3
*NEW* Kellogg's All Bran Cereal, $0.75/1
Kelloggs Corn Flakes, $1.00/1
*NEW* Kelloggs Corn Flakes Touch of Honey, $1.00/1
*NEW* Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Wheats, $1.00/2
*NEW* Kellogg's Honey Smacks, $0.75/1
Kelloggs Mini-Wheats Little Bites, $1.00/1
*NEW* Kellogg's Rice Krispites, $1.00/2
*NEW* Kellogg's Smart Start, $0.75/1
Kelloggs Special K Bars, $1.00/2
Kelloggs Special K Blueberry Cereal, $1.00/1
*NEW* Kellogg's Speciak K Cereals, $1.00/2
*NEW* Kellogg's Special K Cereal, $0.50/1
Kelloggs Special K Protein Shakes, $1.00/1
Lactaid, $1.00/1
Litehouse, $1.00/2
*NEW* Luna Bar, B2G1 Free
Lunchbles, $0.55/1
M&M Brand, $1.00/2
Mann's Fresh Cut Vegetables, $0.55/1
Mariani, $1.00/1 ...
*NEW* Meow Mix Dry Bag, B1G1 Free
Milk-Bone, $1.00/1
Milk-Bone Essentials Plus, $2.00/1
*NEW* Miralax, $2.00/1
Minute Rice, $0.50/1
Muir Glen, $1.00/1
M5 Magnum Razor, $2.00/1
Natures Bounty, $2.00/1
Nature Pride bread, $0.75/1
Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters, $1.00/1
*NEW* Nestle Jingles, $1.00/2
Neutrogena Healthy Skin Rejuvenator Starter Kit, $5.00/1
Neutrogena Healthy Skin Rejuvenator Refill, $3.00/1
Newmans Own Pizza, $1.00/1
Nivea Body Wash for Women, $2.00/1
Nodor, $1.00/1
Opti-Free, $1.00/1
*NEW* Osteo Bi-Flex, $5.00/1
Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls, $0.40/2
Pillsbury Grands or Cinnamon Rolls, $0.75/2
Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, $0.50/2
Pillsbury Grands, $0.30/2
Pillsbury Grands Jr Biscuits, $0.35/3
Pillsbury Italian Meal Breads, $0.40/2
Pillsbury Refrigerated Cookie Dough, $1.00/2
Pillsbury Refrigerated Holiday Cookies, $0.75/2
Pillsbury Rolled Refrigerated Pie Crusts, $0.50/2
Pillsbury Savorings, $1.00/1
Phillips Product, $1.00/1
*NEW* Prevacid, $2.00/1
Progresso, save $1.00/2
Progresso Broth, $0.50/1
Progresso Soups, $1.10/3
Pure and Natural, $1.00/1
Purely Decadent, $1.00/1
Pup-Peroni, $1.00/1
Reeser's Fine Foods, $1.00/1
Rice Krispies, $1.00/2
Ronzoni Smart Taste, $1.00/2
*NEW* Schiff MegaRed Vitamins, $2.00/1
Similasan Dry Eye Relief, $2.00/1
Similasan Anxiety Relief, $3.00/1
Similasan Ear Relief, $1.00/1
Similasan Sleeplessness Relief, $3.00/1
Similasan Stress & Tension Relief, $3.00/1
*NEW* Smart Ones, $3.00/10
So Delicious Cocunut Milk Beverage, $1.00/1
So Delicious Coconut Milk Yogurt, $2.00/4
Steaz Teas, B1G1 Free
Success Rice, $1.00/1
*NEW* Sudafed Triple Action save $5.00/1 or $4.00/1
Sundown Naturals, $1.00/1
Tony Hawk, $1.00/1
True Lemon, $1.00/1
Truvia, $1.00/2
Viva, $0.50/2
Wanchai Ferry Frozen Entree, $1.50/1
Wardley Advanced Nutrition, $2.00/1
*NEW* Wonka Candy Canes, $1.00/2
Zyrtec Eye Drops, $1.00/1

Store Coupons:

*NEW* Acapulco, B1G1 for $2.99
*NEW* El Torito, $10 off of your $25 purchase
Olan Mills, 20% off pous free montague
*NEW* Quick Trip, Free Fountain Drink w/ purchase
Sears 20% off purchase and free classic montague, no session fee
Walgreens Rohto Eye Drops, $4.00/1


Hasbro Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head, $2.00/1
Hasbro Mr. Potato Head Silly Suitcase toy, $5.00/1
Hasbro Mr. Potato Head Spud Buds toy, $5.00/1
Hasbro PlaySkool Activity Ball, $5.00/1
Hasbro PlaySkool Busy Ball Popper, $5.00/1
Hasbro Dance Cam, $10.00/1
Hasbro DinoRoars Hatchlings, $5.00/1
Hasbro DinoRoars Stompers, $10.00/1
Hasbro My Little Pony, $5.00 off your $20 purchase
Hasbro PlaySkool Lullaby Gloworm, $3.00/1
Hasbro PlaySkool Musical Sit 'n Spin, $10.00/1
Hasbro Talkin' Sid the Science Kid Plush, $3.00/1
Hasbro PlaySkool Step Start Walk 'n Ride, $5.00/1
Hasbro Star Wars, save $5 on your $20 purchase
Hasbro PlaySkool Tumble 'N Twirl Top, $5.00/1
Hasbro Swing 'n Score Baseball, $5.00/1

Gift Card Offers:

CVS, Give $25, Get 5
Maggiano's Give $100, Get $20
Ninety Nine, Give $25, Get $5
O'Charleys, Give $20, Get $5
Steak n Shake, Give $20 Get 5

Don't wait these offers go fast, print your coupons now!

Thanks STL Mommy!

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Useful and Free iPhone Apps

Links provided may be from affiliate programs which help support this blog. Thanks for clicking!

If any of you have an iPhone on your wishlist for the holidays, you'll be glad to know that there are plenty of ways to help you save even more conveniently.

Located in the app store, you'll find all your favorite coupon sites such as, coupon cabin, cellfire, and All of these apps allow you to browse coupons in specific stores or stores in a set distance from you. Today as we were walking through Kroger, I added coupons to my shoppers card in the aisle as we picked up a couple items that weren't on our list which rang up when I scanned my shoppers card.

You'll also find coupon apps specifically for a mobile device. mcoupons & mobiQpons are a couple I've found. Cardstar is another wonderful app if you've got a key chain full of shoppers cards. You just enter your shoppers card number, save it, and pull it up when you get to the register. The cashier scans your phone and you're set.

The cheap gas app allows you to find the cheapest gas price closest to your current location. Indy Dining is a newer app that let's you search local funky restaurants and see if they have any coupons. Check out or write reviews for any that you find. If you didn't gave a GPS, now you do. Just get the iWant app and search pharmacy's, parks, taxi services, stores, bars, laundry, gas stations, ATM's and more.

A couple other handy shopping apps are Shop Savvy and Price Tracker. Shop Savvy scans an item you have in front of you and guides you to the store with the cheapest price on it. In a store where they match any price, it can save you a lot. Price Tracker makes sure your getting the lowest price when shopping online. If you buy something on amazon and then the price is reduced, it will tell you and give you the contact information for and they'll send you a refund. You can also create a wish list and when the price goes down, you'll be the first to know.

All of the apps that I have mentioned are free. I haven't spent a single dime in the app store yet. I was surprised at how many other apps were free. A few I felt were worth grabbing were Pandora, Translator, Documents 2 (a type of Microsoft Word and Excel), Wikipedia and Howcast, Freesaurus (thesaurus and dictionary), Kindle for iPhone, 24/7 language tutors, WordPress, eBay and PayPal.

thanks to Alecia and My Atlanta Mommy for this post! Alecia is a photographer and designer. She designed the holiday banner for My Atlanta Mommy. You can check out some of her work here.

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Home Depot Online Xmas Sale up to 30% Off

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Need more Xmas decorations for next year? Home Depot is having an online sale up to 30% off plus free shipping. Check out their selection here. Sale ends 12/17

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Safeway 12 Days to Save

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Starting today 12/13, Safeway is giving a free item each day until December 24th w/ a coupon, minimum purchase of $20 required w/ a club card. Here is their calender of free items:

12/13: Fresh Express Garden Salad
12/14: Betty Crocker Cake Mix
12/15: Lucerne Large Eggs
12/16: Hillshire Farm Little Smokies Smoked Sausages
12/17: Safeway browned or powered Sugar
12/18: 2 Liter 7 Up
12/19: 5 LB Bag Russet Potatoes
12/20: Safeway Breakfast Sausage Links
12/21: Safeway Baking Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips
12/22: Mini Muffins
12/23: Safeway Brown n Serve Rolls
12/24:2 Liter Safeway Mixer

Remember, you have to make a minimum $20 purchase w/ club card AND bring the coupon in order to get the free item. Click here for the printable coupons.

Thanks My SF Mommy!

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Target: Playskool Activity Ball $2.48

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Many are reporting that the Playskool Activity Ball is on clearance this week at Target. I have also heard that it is being found as low as $7.48! Use this $5.00 off coupon on and pick up the Activity Ball for $2.48!

Keep in mind that prices may vary by region but it's definitely worth checking out. I would also scan this item just in case it will ring up differently than marked.

Whole Foods Printable Coupons

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Check out these new printable coupons here from Whole Foods:

$1 off one organic Arrowhead Mills Product
$ off one organic Agave Wholesome Sweetners
$1 off one Sunspire or Tropical Source Baking Chips
$1 off 2 jars of any flavor/variety Muir Glen Pasta Sauce
$.75 off one Dagoba Organic Chocolate Product
$1 off one 2 lb. box King Arthur Unbleached Cake Flour
$1 off one organic Wolfgang Puck Soup

Thanks San Francisco Mommy!

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