Monday, January 3, 2011

Eva Luna Day Spa winner!

 The Eva Luna Day Spa giveaway winner is 
Angela B.

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Make a FREE Scrapbook with Smilebox!

Create amazing digital scrapbooks in minutes!

I am loving this site!  I just signed up to get their emails.  It is hard for me to be creative with my scrapbooking.  I have signed up for many a class and not been too excited about my work, it just never looks as good as the others' around me! 

Their simple application lets you quickly and easily create slideshows, invitations, greetings, collages, scrapbooks and photo albums right on your computer. With more than 1000 customizable templates to choose from, you'll find inspiration around every corner.Whether you want to drop a photo into an everyday greeting, put together a slideshow for your sports team, or create a special holiday keepsake book, the result is professional and one-of-a-kind.

And Smilebox gives you more ways to share: Facebook, email, blog, printing at home or to a store, and burning to DVD. Smilebox makes sharing photos with your family and friends easy, unique and memorable.
I love the fact that I can put together an awesome scrapbook on the computer that I can share with family and friends!  I am not the best at getting my pictures printed, so this is a win-win situation for me!

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Are you looking to stop smoking? Do you know someone who is?

One of the top New Year's resolutions people make is to quit smoking.  If you or someone you know is a smoker, here are some resources that may help break the habit if they are wanting to. 

Cigarrest to Stop Smoking in 7 Days!

 CigArrest will give you a FREE 90-day supply of their product.

In their Welcome Kit you will receive:
CigArrest Chewable Tablets-Risk Free 90-day supply
CigArrest Gum- Risk Free 90-day supply
VitaGuard Smoker's Vitamins-Risk Free 90-day supply
CigArrest Program Guide AND Exercise Handbook
CigArrest Program Audio CD

Visit the CigArrest site to get started.

SmokeStik - Alternative Smoking

A SmokeStick is a revolutionary device that resembles a traditional cigarette and fully recreates the smoking experience without any known harmful side effects. It is a cleaner alternative to traditional cigarette smoking. It is free of carbon monoxide and tar, in traditional cigarettes and cigars. An electronic cigarette is essentially litter-less in that it is free of ashes and stubs. What you are "smoking" is a mist or vapor. This vapor is created as liquid glycerine, propylene glycol and food grade flavorings are vaporized by a tiny component called the atomizer.

For more information or to order, visit the SmokeStick website 

Thank you!

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Enter to win Keurig 48 ounce single brewer coffee maker!

Win a Keurig 48-Oz. Single-Serve Brewer with My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter and 60 K-Cups! - Sign up for Freebie Jeebies newsletter and get all of the latest freebies, samples, contests, coupon codes and more each day. Sign up today and be entered to win a Keurig 48-Oz. Single-Serve Brewer with My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter and 60 K-Cups!

FYI-when you enter you need to subscribe to the newsletter as well, you will need to confirm your email subscription as well.

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Kick Start Your New Years: Exercise Day Three: Wall Push Ups

Day Three Exercise:
Wall Push-Ups
  • Stand facing a wall with your feet one to two feet away from it. How far you have to stand from the wall will depend on your height, but make sure it is a comfortable distance.
  • Place both your hands about shoulder width apart on the wall infront. The arms should be at the level of your shoulder.
  • Incline / bend towards the wall by bending only your elbows. When you have lowered yourself forward towards the wall, then push yourself back to the standing position by straightening your hand.
  • Throughout the process, keep your body stiff and straight.  

I know, a pretty basic exercise, but so easy to do and doesn't require anything but a wall!  To make it a little more difficult you might want to push off from the wall and clap.  This exercise is so basic, but your arms will thank you for motto is a little exercise is better than no exercise at all!

    • Use the commercial breaks to get a quick workout in!  A half hour show has about 6 minutes in commercials.  If you use that time to do quick spurts of jumping jacks, you can burn about 50 calories.  The fact that you are only during quick spurts is a plus because it gives you rest time in between.  Remember, a little exercise goes a long way!

    Thanks, iloveindia

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    I am sure this sale will not last long-or items will sell out fast. 

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    Check out Sittercity for your "babysitting", tutor, petsitter and other care giving needs!

     Is one of your New Years Resolutions to spend more time alone with your spouse or significant other?  Maybe you are planning on going back to school or just need a little time to yourself?  Are you looking for a babysitter or care giver that you know you can trust and has good references and a background check?
    Check out Sittercity they have babysitters in your area. Sign-up to find the perfect sitter!  This is not a free service-although you can join and have 7 days free!  Otherwise there is a $9.99 charge each month-this really does not sound too bad, you will have your pick of a lot of sitters in your area and many of them have had backgrounds checks done! 
    If you are thinking of a great night out for Valentine's Day-you might just want to check out Sittercity now!

    By the way: You can also search for Tutors, petsitters, caregivers and housekeepers through Sittercity!

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    Snowblowers/throwers, outdoor living items, Home has everything!  The link will take you to the Amazing Winter Savings page, you can save even more!

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    $10 Kodak photo book credit with code!


    Tucked within the new Target flyer is a code to get a $10 Kodak photo book credit (equivalent to the price of a 5x7 photo book) making it FREE! All you need to pay is $1.99 for shipping. Here's how to get your photo book:

    *Go HERE and either sign up or set up your account with Kodak.
    *Click on Account at the top of the page
    *Scroll down to Credits and Discounts
    *Enter the code TGTFREEBOOK
    *It will automatically add the $10 photo book credit in your account for you to make your FREE book.
    *Then go to Photo Book to create yours!! Easy!!

    Also through 1/6 you can get 4x6 prints for $.10!

    -If you are a new Kodak customer, you will also get 50 prints FREE!

    Thank you

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    Pay $12 for a digital photo on glass, meal planning deal and pamper yourself for less!

    Today's Save: $12 to have your digital photos custom printed on glass by ($25 value)

    Value: $35.70 Pay: $16

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    Milwaukee Youth Theatre-Now Casting for Little Women!

    What a neat opportunity for your child or a child you know! 
    Let us know if you know someone who trys out!

    Milwaukee Youth Theatre will be holding open auditions for its production of the
    classic book by Louisa May Alcott adapted by Scott Davidson on Tuesday, January 25 and Wednesday,
    January 26, 2011 from 5:30p.m. to 7:30p.m. We will be casting young people ages 12 through 18
    years old for 10 roles. Students are to prepare a brief monologue or poem, participate in cold
    readings and plan to attend approximately 30-45 minutes of one of the two sessions. Auditions will take
    place at Lincoln Center of the Arts, 820 E. Knapp Street.

    This show will be performed on March 31 and April 1, 2011.

    The Milwaukee Youth Theatre staff will hold a "How to Audition" workshop on Wednesday, January 19
    from 5:30-7:00p.m. for students who are new in theater or who feel like they would like to learn more
    about the audition process and the Milwaukee Youth Theatre.

    If you have any questions please call 414-390-3900 or visit

    Play Synopsis: Enjoy this timeless and enduring classic about the March sisters’ journey from childhood
    to maturity during the American Civil War. Audiences of all generations will enjoy acquainting —
    or reacquainting — themselves with the sisters: Meg, the eldest; Jo, the high-spirited tomboy; Amy,
    the self-centered beauty; and gentle Beth, as well as their beloved Marmee and Father. Together the
    March family learns to endure both good times and bad as they share the joys and pains of growing up.
    Penned by Louisa May Alcott 140 years ago, this much-loved classic tale's message is still relevant for
    audiences today.

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    Great Groupon Deals 1/3/11

    $69 for Two Hours of Home Cleaning from Molly Maid ($160 Value). Choose from Three Service Regions. (Milwaukee)

    $17 for One General-Admission Ticket to "This is Seraphic Fire" on January 22 (Milwaukee sidebar)

    $75 for $150 Towards Denim Fashions at Genetic Denim (Ventura County, California)

    $150 for a Consultation and Three Sessions of Spider-Vein Removal (Up to $1,350 Value) at LaDea Medical Aesthetics & Laser Clinic (Milwaukee Sidebar)

    $15 for $30 Worth of Flags and Outdoor Decor at Flag Fables (Bakersfield Californina)



    $60 for a Three-Month Online Personal-Training Program with FitOrbit (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

    $25 for LifeOnRecord Events Package  (Wilmington-Newark, Delaware)

    $15 for $30 Worth of Candles and Gifts at The Candleberry Company FortMyers/Cape Coral, Florida sidebar)

    $10 for $25 Worth of Eco-Friendly Reusable Bags and More from Xoopii (Palm Beach, Florida)

    $10 for a One-Year Subscription to “O, The Oprah Magazine”)Chicago, Illionios sidebar)

    $25 Bottle of High-End Artisanal Olive Oil and Free Shipping from Olio Taibi ($49.99 Value) (Wilmington-Newark, Delaware)

    $35 for a "Big Wall Graphic" Panoramic Wall Mural from LTL Prints ($84 Value) (Chicago, Illionois sidebar)

    $49 for 28-Day Online Vegan Challenge with Nutrition Northwest Co. ($249 Value)  (Chicago, Illionis sidebar)

    $5 for $10 Worth of Notepads and Planners From LobotoME (Kansas City, Kansas)

    $10 for a One-Month Online Language Course from Livemocha ($20 Value). Choose from Four Options. (Boston, Massachusetts sidebar)

    $10 for $20 Worth of Electronics Accessories from (Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota Sidebar)

    $60 for Three to 11 Letters of Name Art from Hal Jaffe Name Art ($159.90 Value) (Central Jersey, New Jersey sidebar)

    $30 for a Six-Pack Assortment of Caramel Apples from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory ($62 Value) (Central Jersey, New Jersey Sidebar)

    $10 for $25 Worth of Nuts, Dried Fruit, and More from Nutty Guys Charlotte, North Carlina sidebar)

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    Kick off the New Year with Some Excellent Savings at Sally Beauty Supply

    Sally's Beauty Supply has some great discounts as we bring in the new year! 
    Search Sally Beauty's Monthly Flier for great discounts!
    Save $10 on ONLINE Purchases of $50 or more! Offer can not be combined with other offers.  Enter promo code 555167. 
    Here are some of the other discount codes to use this month!

    Free Canvas Tote with purchase of Ion Inspired by Nature Product 4oz - 12oz  Code:  444184             Free One n Only Argan Heat Curling Iron with purchase of One n Only Argan Heat Dryer 1875W or Flat Iron Code:  444153            
    Save $3 on 2 Beyond Belief Facial Skin Care  Code:  444172            
    Save $3 on Frutique Beauty by Nature  Code:  444169            
    Save $2 on Retinol Skin Care  Code:  444171            
    Save $2 on Dermactine-TS full size products  Code:  444174            
    Save $3 on 2 SpaTouch Products 8oz to 18oz (excludes gallons & packettes sizes)  Code:  444173             Buy 1 get 1 free Diamond Shine Hair Care  Code:  444176       
    Buy 1 get 1 free Mane n Tail  Code:  444191            
    Save $4 on Hair Rescue Treatment Kit  Code:  444189            
    Free Jilbere Euro Xtreme Dryer 1900W with purchase of Titanium Tools Flat Iron  Code:  444156            
    Free Ion Mini Flat Iron with purchase of full size Ion appliance (excludes hard hat                                          dryer)  Code: 444155   
    Save $13 on Wahl All Star Clipper & Trimmer Combo  Code:  444162            
    Buy 1 get 1 free Roux Hair Care & Treatment Vials  Code:  444154          
    Save $5 Ion Hard Hat Dryer 1875W  Code:  444166            
    Free Jilbere Porcelain Series Curling Iron with purchase of Porcelain Series Ceramic
    Dryer 2000W  Code:  444157          
    Buy 2 get 1 free Ion Hair Care Solutions (Color, Anti-frizz, Curl)  Code:  444203            
    Save $15 on 2 Euronext Clip-in Human Hair Extensions 14 & 18 Code:  444655            
    Save $15 on 2 Design Lengths Clip-in Human Hair Extensions 14 & 18  Code:  444655          
    Buy 2 get 1 free Silk Elements Silken Child Products  Code:  444217    
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    Kick Start Your New Years: Quick, Cheap and Easy Recipe Day Three: Slow Cooker French Dip

    If you missed previous recipes(and I've been so busy, I know I haven't been on the computer much, here is what we are up to now!) 
    So, I am not the most experienced or talented cook.  I am always looking for ways to cook on the cheap.  I try to use what I have on hand...and I LOVE the crock pot.  I thought, being a busy mom of four, I would share some of my favorite recipes that are quick, easy, and cheap!  Each day of January I will provide a favorite recipe.  Please let me know what you think.  If there are any suggestions, please let us know!  If this turns out to be a success, we will continue to do this past January.  If not, you will have to wait until next January for some more fun!  So, please leave us some feedback so we know what you think!  If you want to email us to leave comments or suggest your favorite easy, cheap us at!  Enjoy!

    Slow Cooker French Dip

    • 4 Pound Rump Roast (I like the sirloin tip roast...when it's on sale!)
    • 1 (10.5 ounce) can beef broth
    • 1 (10.5 ounce) can condensed French onion soup
    • 1 can of beer (I like using Miller Lite)
    • 6 French rolls
    • 2 Tablespoons of butter
    1. Trim excess fat from the Rump Roast and place in slow cooker
    2. Add the beef broth, onion soup and beer.
    3. Cook on Low setting for 7 hours.
    4. In last twenty minutes of cooking time, preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C).
    5. Split French rolls, and spread with butter. Bake 10 minutes, or until heated through
    6. Slice the meat on the diagonal, and place on the rolls. Serve the sauce for dipping.
    7. ENJOY!
    Using a dark beer really adds depth to the flavor, so I would recommend a darker beer for this.  Also, you may opt to flavor the meat a little bit with some garlic and salt and pepper to taste.  I also have cut up the beef and added it back to the juice and let it sit for an hour so the meat can really soak up the juices. 
    This is so delicious!  My youngest one just eats the meat and my two older ones eat it as a sandwich.  I have never had trouble feeding my kids what we eat because we offer no other's heartbreaking, I know, but it's been really successful for us, so keep that in mind if you have picky eaters!  It's so worth it in the end.

    I love using the slow cooker because it is so easy!  We got a slow cooker for a wedding gift and it sat unopened until I started to be a stay at home mom.  Now I use it ALL the time.  I love the smell throughout the house.  Every time I walk into the kitchen, my mouth waters!  I recommend making things in the slow cooker first thing in the morning.  If you work, the smell is awesome to come home to!  I have left and came back and can smell the food outside the home!  Did I forget to mention?  I LOVE the slow cooker!
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