Monday, January 17, 2011

Buy One Minute Maid OJ Get One FREE!

Minute Maid is offering a buy one get one free orange juice coupon (64-oz size) if you "like" them on Facebook. Click the "like" button, and then  you will have  to click on "get it now."  I will be getting pulp-free, and I absolutely love it!!


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Michael Angelo's Frozen Foods Review

 Michael Angelo's frozen products are made from all natural ingredients-cheese, vegetables and meats.

We received coupons to try the Michael Angelo's products.  Locally check out Sendik's, Woodman's, Outpost and Sam's Club-we did not find them at Target.  Sam's Club has "family size servings" which includes 2 trays so you have 2 family meals! Those were around $10.00 each.

The single serve entrees we tried were the Four Cheese Lasagna, Chicken Parmesan and Vegetable Lasagna.  The entrees  can be microwaved or oven heated-I prefer using the oven.  The entrees baked well and came out smelling great!  I really enjoyed the Four Cheese Lasagna-the cheese was creamy and the noodles were soft-the sauce was very good.  The chicken in the Chicken Parmesan was juicy and the spaghetti it lay atop was very good.  The Vegetable Lasagna was very tasty the veggies were very good.

Ann was happy that she felt that she was feeding her family a nutritious wholesome meal.  I enjoyed the entrees for lunch-they were a great portion and very good.

I will certainly be picking up more the next time I go to Sendik's. There are other entrees as well like Lasagna with Meat Sauce, Chicken Toscana, Shrimp Scampini and a lot more.

Pick up an entree-they are very good, filling and convenient.   

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30% off at

Save up to 30% at! Shop the Super Sale now!

Kalorik Chocolate Fountain $39.98 has everything you need for your chocolate fountain or fondue needs!  My mom has a chocolate fountain-it is not just for weddings!  We used it for my sisters wedding and baby shower as well as for Christmas dessert!  I borrowed it for a friend get together-they loved it!  There are so many options with a chocolate fountain-pound cake, pretzels, fruit-yummy! also has fondue accessories-I also love fondue!  I have a few fondue pots-my tip-make sure you use a ceramic fondue pot for cheese based fondue-the metal pots are not easy to clean after the cheese has hardened after it gets burned!  Learned that the hard way.  :(

Do you like fondue?  

Have you been to a fondue restaurant?

We would love to hear your recipe or experience!

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The Happiest Baby Safe and Sound Sleep Gift Set Giveaway ENDS 1/30/11 11:59pm CST

The HALO SleepSack was created with your infants safety in mind.  I really like the little reminder on the left shoulder area that attractively states “back is best” so you know to lay your baby on their back!  The HALO SleepSack is light weight but warm and is roomy enough to put your child in pajamas so they can sleep comfortably.  The HALO SleepSack replaces loose blankets which can get tangled and move toward your child’s head during normal sleep.  The HALO SleepSack’s purpose is to reduce the incidences of SIDS.  The sleep sack is made of 100% cotton so it is sensitive for your infants skin and is soft and durable, it wicks away moisture so there is less overheating!  

Like  Halo Sleepsack on Facebook.
Follow Halo Sleepsack on Twitter.

How would you like a chance to win this Microfleece HALO and The Happiest Baby™ Safe and Sound Sleep Gift Set?

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BarkOff-Buy One Get One

Bark Off

Bark Off
Our pup is a bit annoying with the barking sometimes-a dog walks past or someone comes to the door and he will just not let up!  Thank goodness he is not a barker at the TV or anything else around the house.  He is also not a barker during walking.  This does look interesting though and the price isn't bad either-$10 plus shipping and handling for 2  of them!

Bark Off

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Kick Start Your New Years: Exercise Day Seventeen: Cross Country Skiiers

Exercise Day Seventeen:  Cross Country Skiiers
  • Start in an upright position with the legs in a staggered stance (one leg about 3 feet in front of the other).
  • If the left foot is in front, put the right arm out in front, and visa-versa.
  • Start the movement by shifting the feet (right foot in front) and the arms. Make sure the front arm goes up in the air and the back arm should be down at the side, slightly behind.
  • Repeat to the other side. Keep repeating in a continuous fashion for a timed period. Make sure to keep the core tight throughout the exercise.

 Easy Exercise Tip:
  • While in the shower (this, for me, is some of the only kid-free time I get!) stare straight ahead and pick a spot on the wall.  "Punch" that spot.  Punch out your arms alternatively and continue to "punch" at that spot for a good three minutes.  If you do this each time you are in the shower (once a day or so) you can get some good arm toning down!

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Air Horns

$48 per case (48 pieces per case)

Get all of your tailgating supplies for $1 a piece at !

Two-Tone Foam Footballs, 7½"

$48 per case (48 pieces per case)

Shipping is always FREE at when you choose to have your order shipped to your local Dollar Tree store!

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Shop for Official NFL Jerseys - Now at!

Reebok Green Bay/Acme Packers Aaron Rodgers Youth Replica Alternate Jersey $59.99

Reebok Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers Replica Team Color Jersey $79.99

Reebok Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers Red QB Practice Jersey $74.99

Not a Packer fan?  Find your favorite team!

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Groupon 1/17 great photo, treat and many more deals!

* HOT * Nationwide Deals (you can purchase and use these Groupons even if you live in another city!) 

Here are some of the other hot deals on Groupon in select cities throughout the nation (you can purchase and use these even if you live in another city) (be sure to change the city under the "Visit More Cities" tab and select the city the deal is in):

- (Check on sidebars) Birmingham, AL, Albany/Capital Region, NY: $35 for a "Big Wall Graphic" Panoramic Wall Mural from LTL Prints ($84 Value)

- (Check on sidebars) Huntsville, AL: $15 for $30 Worth of Candles and Gifts at The Candleberry Company

- (Check on sidebars) Mobile/Baldwin County, AL, Salt Lake City, UT: $35 for $75 Worth of Home-Delivered Organic Food from Nature's Prime Organic Foods

- (Check on sidebars) Phoenix, AZ, Colorado Springs, CO: $45 for One 16"x20" Gallery-Wrapped Canvas Including Shipping and Handling from Canvas on Demand ($126.95 Value)

- (Check on sidebars) Fresno, CA, Philadelphia, PA: $20 for $50 Worth of Decals, Custom Canvases, and More from Dali Decals Online

- (Check on sidebars) Fresno, CA, Inland Empire, CA, New York City, NY: $35 for $115 Worth of Keepsake Books from Photobook America

- (Check on sidebars) Orange County, CA, Fort Myers/Cape Coral, FL: $25 for $50 Worth of Bath and Skincare Products from Melt's Online Boutique

- (Check on sidebars) San Francisco, CA: $229 for One Joe Montana–Signed 49ers Jersey, Insured Shipping Included, from Powers Collectibles ($514 Value)

- (Check on sidebars) Denver, CO, Cincinnati, OH, Charleston, SC: $25 for $75 Worth of Wine from Barclay's Wine

- (Check on sidebars) Miami, FL: $45 for $100 Worth of Wine and Merchandise Online from OneHope Wine

- (Check on sidebars) Wichita, KS, Houston, TX: $10 for a One-Month Online Language Course from Livemocha ($20 Value). Choose from Four Options.

- (Check on sidebars) Baton Rouge, LA: $25 for $50 Worth of Handmade Jewelry at Jewel of Havana

- (Check on sidebars) New Orleans, LA, Detroit, MI: $24 for $50, $47 for $100, or $94 for $200 Worth of Home Fragrance Products Online from Saint Parfum

- (Check on sidebars) Boston, MA: $20 for $40 Worth of Gourmet Brownie and Cookie Gifts from Fairytale Brownies

- (Check on sidebars) Kalamazoo, MI: $10 for $20 Toward Magazine Subscriptions from
- (Check on sidebars) Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN: $50 for $150 USD Worth of Men's Custom Apparel at Indochino Online

- (Check on sidebars) St. Louis, MO: $20 for $40 Worth of Treats, Ordered Online, from Chocolate Gourmet

- (Check on sidebars) Lincoln, NE, Tulsa, OK: $35 for $75 Worth of Home-Delivered Organic Food from Nature's Prime Organic Foods

- Reno, NV: $20 for $50 Worth of Furniture and More from Fashion4home

- (Check on sidebars) Albuquerque, NM, Chattanooga, TN, Knoxville, TN, El Paso, TX: $10 for a One-Year Subscription to “O, The Oprah Magazine” (Up to $28 Value)

- (Check on sidebars) Albuquerque, NM, Rochester, NY: $10 for $25 Worth of Flexflop Foldable Sandals

- (Check on sidebars) Rochester, NY: $60 for Three to 11 Letters of Name Art from Hal Jaffe Name Art ($159.90 Value)

- (Check on sidebars) Charlotte, NC: $12 for $25 Worth of Custom Nutrition Bars, Shakes, Trail Mix, and More from You Bar

- (Check on sidebars) Akron/Canton, OH: $15 for $35 Worth of Wise Desserts at Fancy Fortune Cookies

- (Check on sidebars) Cincinnati, OH: $85 for $155 Worth of Custom-Fit Jeans at Indi

- (Check on sidebars) Toledo, OH: $40 for $100 Worth of Memory Preservation from ScanDigital Photo and Video Digitization

- (Check on sidebars) Erie, PA: $20 for $40 Worth of Jewelry, Accessories, and More at Whats-in-Store

- (Check on sidebars) Philadelphia, PA, Chattanooga, TN, Dallas, TX, Houston, TX, Seattle, WA: $10 for $20 Worth of Electronics Accessories from

- Reading, PA: $19 for Medium-Sized, Personalized Bagettes Photo Bag ($41 Value) 

- (Check on sidebars) Sioux Falls, ID: $12 for 15 Issues of "Food & Wine" Magazine ($24.99 Value)

- Memphis, TN: $99 for Framed, Hand-Painted Record Art from Get Broken Record ($205 Value)  

- (Check on sidebars) Amarillo, TX, Midland/Odessa, TX: $25 for $50 Worth of Fabric and Trim from All About Looks 

- (Check on sidebars) Dallas, TX: $199 for Troy Aikman–Signed Dallas Cowboys Jersey from Powers Collectibles ($464 Value)

- (Check on sidebars) Houston, TX: $10 for a One-Year Subscription (Six Issues) to "Garden & Gun" Magazine  

- Lubbock, TX: $35 for Spoonful of Comfort Gourmet Chicken-Soup Care Package ($74.93 Value with Shipping)

- Seattle, WA: $15 for $35 Worth of Coffee and Tea Products Online or $5 for $10 Worth of Coffee, Tea, and More In-Store from Zoka Coffee Roasters & Tea Company   

- (Check on sidebars) Milwaukee, WI: $70 for a Speed-Reading Class from The Iris Organization ($199 Value)  

Groupon has added a guarantee on any purchase you make through them: "Nothing is more important to us than treating our customers well. If you ever feel like Groupon let you down, give us a call and we'll return your purchase – simple as that."

So, remember that when you are thinking of purchasing a Groupon. You are able to contact them if you are not happy with your purchase!

Remember, most of these deals are only valid today, so act fast if you like them!

Thanks My Chicago Mommy!

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