Monday, January 31, 2011

Tanga Freebie and iPad Giveaway

Wow, Tanga has some awesome deals right now! You can grab Free Cubic Zirconia Earrings in Heart-Shaped Box! Just pay $4.99 in shipping!

You can also grab these deals:

  • Mickey Mouse Pendant Necklace $5.99

  • ESPN The Magazine Subscription $4.99 per year &Free Shipping!

  • Disney Family Fun Magazine Subscription $3.99 per year &Free Shipping!

  • Budget Travel Magazine Subscription $3.99 per year &Free Shipping

  • *Don't forget about our iPad giveaway!


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    Raspberry Rumble Winner...

    Rich S.
    Winner of the Schwan's Home Delivery Raspberry Rumble giveaway!

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    Visit for some yummy and fun chocolate bars!  These are a great gift or a fun dessert for a get together-maybe you just want to treat yourself! 

    MILK CHOCOLATE with Pretzels, Cheez-its (3.5oz)

    Zora's Chocolate Crunch (3.5oz)

    Bavarian Chocolate (3.5oz)

    Candied Almonds and White Chocolate

    Choc Mex (3.5oz)

     So we tried 5 chocolate bars.  A couple of them are from the best sellers or Zora's Selections and a couple from just making it ourselves.
    My husband really liked the candies almonds and white chocolate-that is one we "created" ourselves.  What you do is pick the chocolate you want then you can add any ingredients that are listed-there are nuts, dried fruits, spices, cereals, gourmet-flowers!, decorations and herbs.  I really wish I would have ordered one with flowers-I forgot when I was done ordering-oh well.  I guess I will have to place another order at some point! :)

    Ann's kiddos like cheese crackers and pretzels so she when with one of those bars-they loved it!  Pretzels and chocolate are great together and surprisingly the cheese crackers really go with chocolate too!

    I really liked the Choc Mex-it has tortilla chips and crushed red pepper!  It was really good!  I like how the chocolate and salty chips soothed the spice.

    All of the chocolate bars were really good.  I would suggest a combination of creating something you know you are going to like and trying something new-after all variety is the spice of life!

    You can tell that the ingredients are fresh-there is a crunch to the crunchy ingredients and the chocolate is nice and smooth.  I also enjoyed that the bars are ready for sharing-they are "perforated" so they can be broken into pieces.

    The chocolate bars are also very affordable-depending on what you choose most bars are under $6.00 which for a gourmet chocolate bar really is not a bad price.  They also come packaged very nicely and padded-non of our bars were broken when they arrived!

    Like Choccreate on Facebook.
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    Check out!

    If you buy now use code milwaukeemom for 20% off good through 2/28!

     You can win a $25 gift certificate to!

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    Buy 3 Select Big Game Products and save $4.00 from Schwan's Home Delivery

    Looking for some easy Big Game foods?  Schwan's can help! 
    Check under the "specials" area and go to "other specials" there you will find a deal for BUY 3 SELECT BIG GAME PRODUCTS and SAVE $4.00.
     There are some great choices:
    -Italian Melt Oven Baked Sandwiches $8.78 serves 6
    -Classic Club Oven Baked Sandwiches $8.78 serves 6
     -Turkey & Pork Meatballs $9.42 serves 8
    -Buffalo Wings $13.79 serves 9
    -Bar B Que Wings $13.66 serves 9
    -Buffalo Style Boneless Wings $13.19 serves 12
    -Asian Style Teriyaki Boneless Wingz $13.19 serves 12
    -Italian Style Meatballs $9.23 serves 9
    -Cheddar and Bacon Potato Skins $9.39 serves 8
    -Guacamole $11.44 serves 15
    -Breaded Mozzarella Sticks $8.61 serves 8
    -Cheese Balls $8.99 serves 7
    -5 Cheese Flatbread Pizza $7.90 serves 4
    -Roasted Garlic and Chicken Flatbread Pizza $7.90 serves 4

    Not only are these items easy to make they will be delivered right to your door!

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    Check out Kids N Caboodle for GREAT personalized shoes...

    I love this site!  Kids N Caboodle is an awesome site for designing baby shoes with your own personal touch!  All of my babies wore "crib shoes" like these and I loved them!  They are so easy to slip on and off and they don't seem to bother the baby like big, clunky shoes do.  These shoes are made of handcrafted, soft sole, leather that you design!  I like the personal touch!  These would be the perfect gift for any little one in your life. 
    I love that each and every shoe will be made to suit you and your choose the color of shoe, color of text, font design, and size.  You are your own shoe designer for this personalized, thoughtful gift.

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    $3 Credit FREE for!

    Get two pictures in one!  Snapily offers some unique gifts...Photos in 3D and Animated Cards.  I LOVE this site!  Sign up now and get $3 FREE to use on a purchase.  With cards starting at $2.99, it's like getting a card for free!  Just in time for Valentine's Day!
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    Kick Start Your New Years: Exercise Day Thirty One: Long Jumps

    Exercise Day Thirty One:  Long Jumps
    1. Stand with feet together and make sure you have plenty of space in front of you.
    2. Lower into a squat and jump forward as far as you can in an explosive movement.
    3. Land with bent knees to protect the joints.
    4. Jump forward again, continuing for the length of the room.
    5. Repeat for 30-60 seconds.
    6. Add this move at the end of your regular cardio workout for an added boost, or do it a few times during your workout whenever you want to add intensity or mix things up.
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    Alice in Wonderland Blu Ray Pack $9.99 at Best Buy

    Disney's Alice in Wonderland 60th Anniversary on Blu-Ray/DVD Combo comes out tomorrow. I am so excited that they popped up a $10 OFF coupon, go here to get yours! You will need to be a Disney Movie Rewards member and login, if you are not don't fret - it's FREE. You will need to have a prior copy of Alice in Wonderland and enter the UPC in the magic code zone. If you don't have a copy, you can google it and get the UPC.

    Remember you can print 2 per computer! These don't last long so I recommend printing them and doing the deal the week it is released that is typically the best price and if there are any special promotions it would be then as well. This movie will be released on Feb. 1st. I have listed the prices I found below. Best Buy is the best place for Alice in Wonderland & Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 and Walmart for Secretariat.

    Best BuyAlice in Wonderland 60th Anniversary Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack, $19.99
    -$10 Coupon
    Final price, $9.99

    Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 Blu-Ray/DVD Combo, $19.99
    -$10 Coupon
    Final price, $9.99

    Alice in Wonderland Blu-Ray/DVD Combo, $22.99
    -$10 Coupon
    Final price, $12.99

    Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 Blu-Ray/DVD Combo, $22.99
    -$10 Coupon
    Final price, $12.99

    Secretariat Blu-Ray/Combo, $29.99
    -$8.00 Coupon
    Final price, $21.99

    Alice in Wonderland Blu-Ray/DVD Combo, $27.86
    -$10 Coupon
    Final price, $17.86

    Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 Blu-Ray/DVD Combo, $24.96
    -$10 Coupon
    Final price, $14.96

    Secretariat Blu-Ray/Combo, $22.96
    -$8.00 Coupon
    Final price, $14.96

    Toys R Us
    All are priced $29.99!!!

    There is also a $10 OFF printable coupon for Disney's Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 that is released 2/1, go here for details.
    Disney's Secretariat save $8.00 OFF printable coupon too!

    If you don't have a blu-ray don't fret. Disney includes a DVD of the movie as well. This is a cheaper way to get it than buying the DVD outright.


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    Prime Rib Sub Coupon for Quiznos ONLY $2.99

    I love Quizno's and I am so bummed because there aren't many around here anymore.  Anyhow, with this coupon printed out, you should be able to get a Prime Rib Sub for only $2.99Print it out and enjoy!

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    Organized Teacher's Program at The Container Store

    The Container Store - Organized Teacher's Program 15% off each purchase.

    Oh, I can only dream of how organized my art and game cabinet could become with this discount!  Maybe it would solve my missing pencil problem-I swear the kids are eating them! :)  Does anyone else have pencil issues? 

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    FREE Week at Curves Fitness

    New members to Curves can get a FREE week!  Since Zumba is so hot now, I am not surprised they added this to their circuit!  Sign up to get more information!  If you haven't tried Curves, why not see what it's like?
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    Get 20% Off HBO Shop TODAY!

    Get 20% off the HBO Valentine's Day Boutique TODAY, Monday, January 31! (Discount applied at checkout - No code needed.)  There's lots to choose from, so check it out

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    iGo Charge Anywhere Portable USB Device Charger 1800mAh $18.99 plus $5.00 shipping Reg. $39.99

    MSRP: $39.99
    Today: $18.99 
    + $5.00 shipping

    Save up to 75% off MSRP with CowBoom's Deal of the Day!

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    Nationwide Groupon Deals-be sure to check out the natural beauty products, tea, spices, snacks and a lot more!

    * HOT * Nationwide Deals (you can purchase and use these Groupons even if you live in another city!) 

    Here are some of the other hot deals on Groupon in select cities throughout the nation (you can purchase and use these even if you live in another city) (be sure to change the city under the "Visit More Cities" tab and select the city the deal is in):

    - (Check on sidebars) Birmingham, AL, Columbus, GA: $20 for One Rock-It Portable Vibration Speaker System ($49.99 Value)

    - (Check on sidebars) Huntsville, AL: $15 for $50 Worth of Photo Books, Cards, and More from Mixbook

    - Mobile/Baldwin County, AL: $35 for a "Big Wall Graphic" Panoramic Wall Mural from LTL Prints ($84 Value)

    - (Check on sidebars) Mobile/Baldwin County, AL, Reading, PA: $20 for $40 Worth of Jewelry, Accessories, and More at Whats-in-Store

    - (Check on sidebars) Phoenix, AZ: $60 for Three to 11 Letters of Name Art from Hal Jaffe Name Art ($159.90 Value)

    - (Check on sidebars) Tucson, AZ: Unframed Custom Text and Silhouette Portrait from Carter Kustera (Up to $400 Value). Choose Between Two Options.

    - Little Rock, AR: $12 for $25 Worth of Custom Nutrition Bars, Shakes, Trail Mix, and More from You Bar

    - Bakersfield, CA: $29 for a Cookie and Brownie Assortment from The Protein Bakery ($59 Value)

    - (Check on sidebars) Los Angeles, CA: $20 for $40 Worth of Men's Grooming Products from

    - Modesto, CA: $15 for $30 Worth of Artisan Bath and Body Products at Beau Bain

    - (Check on sidebars) Orange County, CA: $25 for $60 Worth of Merchandise from Bomber Eyewear

    - (Check on sidebars) Orange County, CA: $29 for $60 Worth of Natural Beauty Products and More, Including Free Shipping, from Arkesseia

    - (Check on sidebars) Fairfield County, CA: $30 for a Bulk Beef Jerky Sampler from ($60 Value)

    - (Check on sidebars) Wilmington-Newark, DE: $14 for $28 Worth of Matcha Tea and More from Matcha Source

    - (Check on sidebars) Wilmington-Newark, DE: $25 for $75 Worth of Wine from Barclay's Wine

    - (Check on sidebars) Daytona Beach, FL, Fort Myers/Cape Coral, FL, Gainesville, FL, Naples, FL, Orlando, FL, Palm Beach, FL, Tampa Bay Area, FL: $62 for Mail-Order Beef Baron's Tailgate Sampler from Florida Fresh Beef Company ($125 Value)

    - (Check on sidebars) Miami, FL, Augusta, GA, Wichita, KS, Columbus, OH, Toledo, OH, Youngstown, OH: $45 for One 16"x20" Gallery-Wrapped Canvas Including Shipping and Handling from Canvas on Demand ($126.95 Value)

    - (Check on sidebars) Albany, GA, Springfield, MO, Tulsa, OK: $15 for $30 Worth of Candles and Gifts at The Candleberry Company

    - Savannah/Hilton Head, GA: $10 for $20 Worth of Spices and Seasonings from Spices Etc.

    - (Check on sidebars) Boise, ID: $15 for $30 Worth of Organic, Natural, and Other Nutritious Snacks from

    - (Check on sidebars) Wichita, KS, North Jersey, NJ, Sioux Falls, SD: $10 for $25 Worth of Nuts, Dried Fruit, and More from Nutty Guys

    - (Check on sidebars) Lexington, KY, Houston, TX: $64 for Customized 70"x53" Photo Blanket, Plus Shipping, from PhotoWeavers ($129 Value)

    - Shreveport/Bossier, LA: $20 for a One-Year Subscription to “Louisiana Cookin'” and Recipe CD

    - Portland, ME: $25 for $50 Worth of Coffee Beans, Tea, and Accessories at Daily Grind

    - (Check on sidebars) Baltimore, ME: $35 for $75 Worth of Home-Delivered Organic Food from Nature's Prime Organic Foods

    - (Check on sidebars) Boston, MA: $15 for $35 Worth of Jewelry and Accessories at

    - (Check on sidebars) Detroit, MI: $15 for $30 Worth of Spices at the Milford Spice Company

    - (Check on sidebars) Buffalo, NY, Tulsa, OK: $50 for $150 Worth of Men's Custom Apparel at Indochino Online

    - (Check on sidebars) Buffalo, NY: $19 for Medium-Sized, Personalized Bagettes Photo Bag ($41 Value)

    - (Check on sidebars) Rochester, NY: $15 for $30 Worth of Online Tax-Preparation Products from H&R Block

    - (Check on sidebars) Charlotte, NC: $12 for $25 Worth of Premium Teas and Fashionable Accessories from Tea District

    - (Check on sidebars) Raleigh/Durham, NC: $7 for 24 Chocolate Chip or Sugar Cookies from Kerrigan's Cookie Shoppe

    - (Check on sidebars) Toledo, OH: $25 for $50 Worth of Customizable Gifts from

    - (Check on sidebars) Oklahoma City, OK: $12 for $24 Worth of Custom Puzzles from Village Works Enterprises LLC

    - Eugene, OR: $20 for $40 Worth of Chocolates from 5th Avenue Chocolatiere's Online Shop

    - (Check on sidebars) Allentown/Bethlehem, PA: $39 for One Photo Print Reproduced on a 16"x20"x1.5" Gallery-Wrapped Canvas from Picture it On Canvas ($124.95 Value)

    - (Check on sidebars) Allentown/Bethlehem, PA, Midland/Odessa, TX: $20 for $40 Worth of Gourmet Brownie and Cookie Gifts from Fairytale Brownies

    - Erie, PA: $6 for $12 Worth of Baked Goods at Ye Ole Sweet Shoppe

    - (Check on sidebars) Harrisburg, PA: $10 for $25 Worth of Flexflop Foldable Sandals

    - (Check on sidebars) Philadelphia, PA: $35 for $115 Worth of Keepsake Books from Photobook America

    - (Check on sidebars) Pittsburgh, PA: $20 for $40 Toward Gift Baskets and More from A Basket of Pittsburgh

    - Greensville, SC: $30 for $60 Worth of Custom-Made Silver Charms at i declare!

    - (Check on sidebars) Knoxville, TN: $35 for Spoonful of Comfort Gourmet Chicken-Soup Care Package ($74.93 Value with Shipping)

    - Nashville, TN: $40 for $100 Worth of Memory Preservation from ScanDigital Photo and Video Digitization

    - (Check on sidebars) Dallas, TX: $60 for a Three-Month Membership to eHarmony ($119.85 Value)

    - (Check on sidebars) Dallas, TX: $10 for a One-Year Subscription (Six Issues) to "Garden & Gun" Magazine

    - (Check on sidebars) El Paso, TX: $13 for $26 Worth of Sweat-Activated Workout Apparel and Gear from ViewSPORT

    - (Check on sidebars) El Paso, TX: $10 for a One-Month Online Language Course from Livemocha ($20 Value). Choose from Four Options.

    - (Check on sidebars) Houston, TX: $25 for $50 Worth of Personalized Holiday Cards, Stationery, Invitations, and More from

    - Salt Lake City, UT: $15 for $35 Worth of Wise Desserts at Fancy Fortune Cookies

    - (Check on sidebars) Salt Lake City, UT: $12 for Two Hours of Video-to-DVD Transfer at Life's Sweet (a $29.99 value)

    - (Check on sidebars) Hampton Roads, VA: $14 for a Princess Bouquet of Chocolate Roses ($29.99 Value) or $44 for a Basket of Love Gift Basket ($89.95 Value) from Angelic Chocolates

    Thanks My Chicago Mommy!

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