Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sign up for Inbox Dollars and get a $5 Signup Bonus!

I have been using Inbox Dollars for a while now! When you sign up, you get a $5 bonus. Every day they send you "Paid Emails" that all you have to do is click on and you earn 2 cents! That might not sound like much, but it adds up! I'm already at over $16.00 in my account from doing a couple surveys and a few clicks! Sign up to start earning!  I plan on banking that money and using it for spending money when we go to Walt Disney World. 

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So cute!  Check our for some really cute embroidered gifts!
I received a very cute denim hat that says "Girls Rule" and a very nice bid that says "It's not easy being this cute." as well as a very nice brown with pink polka dots pacifier clip.

The hat is very cute-my niece who is 5 months old has worn it-it is a touch too big for her right now-she will grow into it.  The hat has a Velcro strap so the hat will stay on the head and it even has a little pocket-perfect for a few cents or maybe a great rock you find while on a walk that you just must keep!


The bib is great-it has been through a few washings so far.  The Velcro is nice and is not scratchy.  The bib washes well-the writing still looks perfect and it has not shrunk.  With the bright colors it has quickly become a favorite at meal time.

The pacifier clip is very nice-the material ribbon that is it made out of is very smooth-my niece likes to chew on it sometimes.  The pacifier stays on very well and the part that attaches to her clothes has plastic teeth that grip but does not ruin the clothing.  My sister has also used it to keep a small thin toy right at hand too! has a lot of nice items-there are also non-kiddo items like monogrammed napkins, tote bags, travel mugs, bath towels and more.  Everything is very reasonably priced and they would all make great gifts!

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Two weeks until Father's Day! Do you have dinner or lunch plans? Head to Tazinos!

On Sunday, June 19th Dad's Eat Free at Tazinos!
What a great place to eat as a family-I really like the cheese and my husband really likes the variety of the different pizzas.  The salad bar is also great!  It is a great place to relax and enjoy a meal as a family! :)

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