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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Looking for a FUN Birthday Party? Check out Monkey Joe's!

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My son just celebrated his fifth birthday.  He is very active and just a bundle of energy, and I just couldn't bear to prepare our house for a huge get together.  So, I reached out to Monkey Joe's.  They agreed to host a Crazy 8 Birthday Party Pack for our family.  Before I go into the details, let me just say that the exact words from my son after his party were,  "Thanks, mom!  That was the best party EVER!"  and my daughter is begging for a birthday party of her own there!

The party was at 2:00, but we were asked to arrive at least ten minutes earlier to check in.  So, we got there with a few minutes to spare and checked in.  When you walk into Monkey Joe's, there is a check in area for Open Play and then a check in area for Birthday Parties.  I went to check in for his birthday party and they gave us each wrist bands for check out safety procedure.  There was a very sweet young lady who checked us in and introduced herself to us as our party host.  I love that!  The idea of having just one person to check in with and reach out to was wonderful!  It helped that she was so great with everyone at the party...WONDERFUL with the kids! 
After we got checked in, she led us to our own birthday party room.  The rooms are named by color, so you get to remind your children which room you are in based on color.  There was a sign made for my son that was at check in and then removed and put onto our door of the room.

Right when we walked in the room the kids squealed with delight!  There was a huge inflatable chair for the birthday boy! Betsy and I had to get a pic with the kids once we walked in...we both thought that was so cute!

This couldn't have worked out better for us!  It was a pretty big room.  I have a son who (at the time) was almost a year, so he just doesn't sit still!  I was able to let him crawl all over the room while my husband took the older kids out onto the play floor.  I waited in the room as everyone arrived.  I was little man was thrilled to have free reign of the room!  After a good hour and 15 minutes of play, they made an announcement for the "birthday boy" and his friends to come and join his party in the back room.  All of the guests came back, we had pizza (one pizza was provided with the party, but you can purchase more if needed), drinks, and did the traditional cake and presents.  With this party, each child gets one drink and I opted to purchase a few pitchers for the adults.
One huge bonus to Monkey Joe's is that when you have the party, they allow "wiggle room" with the numbers.  I thought we were going to have 15 kids show up, but only 9 did.  They didn't charge me for all 15, but just the one extra.  They called me a few days ahead of time to get my pizza and soda order and to iron out last minute details.  I originally planned on more attendees, so I was very happy when I wasn't charged extra for those that didn't show and that they didn't put in the full pizza order (I originally ordered five extra, but ended up only needing three).  They waited on all of the extra details to work themselves out on the date, leaving me very happy as we didn't have the huge attendance that I once thought.  The birthday host kept track and recorded the presents giving and who they were from.  What a pleasant surprise!  All of the children who were there had a great time.  The parents were very impressed with the cleanliness and how smoothly it all ran.  I loved the ease of it all...I'm used to running around up until the party and not being able to enjoy it because I'm doing all the work!  I honestly didn't know what to do with myself!  After the party was finished, the children were able to stay and play until close...that was a huge bonus!  The parents all loved the lounge area where they could relax on nice reclining chairs and watch the Brewers game (yes, this was before the Brewers were out of the playoffs *sigh*).

When I finally was able to venture out of the room I was impressed that they have separate play areas for different age groups.  For instance, my son who is two had the perfect bouncy area to play in and there were even a few slides meant for the younger crew!  I would do this party again and again!  It was well organized and the kids LOVED it.  Oh...and a wonderful addition?  Later that week we got a card in the mail from our hostess!  It said that she was so happy to be able to be part of his special day...she even wrote about a few of the toys he got that she thought were pretty cool!  WOW!  I can't sing enough praises.  My son was so tickled with that little thank you note, as was I.
If you're looking to book a party or just looking to get out of the house with your children, I highly recommend checking out Monkey Joe's.  Check out their hours of operation for open play.  This place is PERFECT for my family and I am sure it will be a good fit for you and your family as well!

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