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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Please take a moment to watch this short video on battery safety...

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I just watched a eye opening video about battery safety.  I am hoping you will check it out too, it is short but really important.
Batteries are not really something I think about unless something is not working.  As we watched the video my husband and I thought about the kiddos that come into our home and how often they are around battery hazards.  Just the other day my niece was over and my husband had just replaced the batteries in a game controller and hadn't thrown the batteries away.  There she went toddling over to grab it!  YIKES!  In the video you hear about a child who swallowed one of the button batteries (they look like a nickle) and the surgeries he had and the permanent damage he now has to live with all because he swallowed something and really it could have been prevented.

With the holiday gift giving season upon us we know that batteries will be purchased and used we really need to make sure that all screws are tightened and that all batteries are set in place so they don't pop out.  Also young children should not be playing with devices that have the potential to cause harm.  My niece loves trying to get the remote controls and phones and when she has they go straight to her mouth-NOT SAFE!

Please think about the items your child and other kiddos are playing with or might have a chance to get.  I am a big advocate on preventing accidents before they happen.  With a little planning and attention to detail the children we know won't become one of the children they allude to that swallow batteries each year.

Thank you for your help, your kiddos and family will thank you too. :)

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