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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Elf Magic a "Timeless Christmas Tradition" Visiting Elf Review

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Have you ever heard of Elf MagicElf Magic is the original Christmas Elf tradition (been around 50 years!) At night, the plush Elf Magic Elves come to “life” and embark on mysterious journeys. When children awake in the morning, they're surprised and delighted to find out what their magical Elf has been up to! During the day, children can bring their Elves with them wherever they go. Families all over the world take part in the special Elf Magic tradition, and it helps them come together during the hectic holiday season.
"With their companionship, hugs, adventures and love, these Magic Elves create memories the whole family will cherish for a lifetime. They magically arrive straight from the North Pole excited to become a part of your family and bring everything needed to start the Magic Elf "Timeless Christmas Tradition" in your home."
So, I heard of Elf Magic and it intrigued me.  So, I decided to talk to the little ones in my house and asked them to write a letter to Santa asking for an elf to come visit us.  I have to be honest and say that my children were a little skeptical about the idea of having an elf come visit.  They had so many questions!  So, we went online and I showed them some of the submitted Elfcapades that these elves go on!  At this point, my six year old was a little bit more open to the idea, but she was scared he would scare her when she was sleeping.  So, we decided I would write to Santa and we left out crackers (the crunching noise reminds them of the noise crunching snow makes) and ice cubes (reminds them of their homeplace...the North Pole) one afternoon.  He usually comes when the children are sleeping, but Santa loaded up his sleigh and made a special trip for our family.

My two year old didn't quite get the whole idea and snatched up a cracker and started to eat it...just then...the doorbell rang!  Uh-oh!  The noise of crunching must have done something...My two oldest went to go answer the door and you will never believe what awaited them...
As soon as they saw little Wilder, they were in love!  Well, my six year old, Noelle, was smitten anyway.

My five year old was still a little unsure.  So I talked to him about how Wilder had traveled very far to be with us and that his time here was limited.  Still unsure, I knew all he needed was a night to think about it.  In the meantime, my daughter played with Wilder and talked to him about her house.  She gave him a tour, called her auntie to fill her in on the magic (and, boy, did she get an earfull!  She couldn't believe that an ACTUAL elf was staying at our house!), and got him ready for bed. 

His sleeping situation here is good living!  His little suitcase opened up to a little home away from home.  His own bed, closet, drawer (where he keeps his snow that will make him come to life while we are all sleeping), what more does an elf need?!?
After a good night's sleep, the kids were very anxious to see what kind of Elfcapades Wilder had been on the night before.

Brien, my five year old, was so thrilled to see that Wilder seemed to enjoy video games as much as he did!  This was the turning point in their relationship!

We have been taking Wilder with us whereever we go...did you know the elves get scared when they get lost?  Well, Santa gave us a few tips on how to care for the elf.  Thank goodness we knew that...we haven't left him alone for a minute!  My two year old, Ethan, has warmed up quite nicely to Wilder and he loves snuggling with him and spinning around with him on the kitchen floor.

So, this little guy loves his Elfcapades!  It has also been good to know that he is a very neat and clean elf...he never leaves a mess and is very courteous...even has cleaned up the living room when we were all asleep.   We have woken up to find the elf in some pretty fun situations!  He got hungry in the middle of the night last night and got into the homemade banana, chocolate chip muffins!

After Noelle saw this, she decided he needed some milk, so she wanted to share hers, but made sure to dig out one of her old sippy cups.

This is just the beginning of our Elf Magic journey and we look forward to sharing many more elfcapades!  We are having so much fun and we are so happy that Santa was able to make a special stop with Wilder to share with our family.  We will for sure share many more fun times that we have had with Wilder, so stay tuned! 
One of my favorite things about Elf Magic is that it will be a family tradition and Wilder will come visit us every year around Christmas time.  We are going to write next year and hope Santa might be able to send us Wilder's sister for Noelle.  The kids love sharing their days with their newfound friend!

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